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A rehearsal of Inferno Canto V with New York City Opera


Figaro & The Zombie Apocalypse (2013) 10 minutes
The latest in Soluri's series of wildly popular satirical "Figaro" 10 minute operas. This dark, operatic comedy was commissioned by The Fort Worth Opera (Darren Woods, General Director) and is written fr 4 voices, and piano. There is an alternate orchestration for string quartet and piano. World premiere October 12, 2013 in Fort Worth, Texas. Scored for piano, Sop, Mz, T, and Barr Also available for String Quartet and Piano.

Polka (2012) 6 minutes
Who knew that the polka could be so dangerous? At a wedding reception in 1993 Jojo and her girlfriends are about to find out. A comic chamber opera for female cast, with a libretto by Royce Vavrek. World premiere at Weill-Carnegie Hall on October 19, 2012 by the Remarkable Theater Brigade. Scored for String Quartet and piano with 3x Sop and 2x Mez. Also available for solo piano, or piano and solo strings.
• MIDI and live Recording available

Embedded (2010/2011) 45 minutes
A one-act chamber opera commissioned by the American Lyric Theater with a libretto by Deborah Brevoort. It is part of "The Poe Project," a trio of one-act operas that asks 'What might Edgar Allan Poe, the master of horror, write if he were alive today?' Scored for 18 instrument chamber orchestra and 6 six singers and also available for piano-only. First public showcase on November 1, 2010 at Symphony Space (piano/vocal version). A public showcase of the full score with orcehstra and cast on November 10, 2011 at The DiMenna Center for Classical Music in New York City. Winner of the Frontier's competition by Fort Worth Opera with a workshop on May 9, 2013. The world premiere production was performed March 28-30, 2014 by Fargo Moorhead Opera and is in a co-production with Fort Worth Opera.
Scored for Fl (pic), ob (E Hrn), cl (bs Cl), bn (C bn), 2hn, tr, Btbn, keyb, 2 perc, 2 vln, 2vla, 2vc, 1db.: Sop, T, Bar, Bs. soloists: Sop, Sop, Mz, T, Barr and Bs.
• Archival recording and video of world premiere available upon request.

The Tragedy of Count Alfredo von Nibelungen
An Epic Cycle of Four Operas in Five Minutes (2011) 5 minutes
Four short comic operas based on works by the great opera composers. Libretto co-written by Patrick Soluri and Natalia Boesch. World premiere at Weill-Carnegie Hall on November 10, 2011 by the Remarkable Theater Brigade. The four operas are:
1) La Bottega (Puccini)
2) La Trattoria(Verdi)
3) Die Zauberhünchen (Mozart) trans. "The Magic Chicken"
4) Alfredo & Schnitzolde (Wagner)
Scored for String Quartet and piano with Sop, Sop, T. Also available for solo piano, or piano and solo strings.
• MIDI and Live Recording available

The Tell Tale Cellphone
(2010) 12 minutes
A farce based on the stories and writtings of Edgar Allen Poe, with a libretto co-written by Patrick Soluri and Natalia Boesch. World premiere at Weill-Carnegie Hall on October 1, 2010 by the Remarkable Theater Brigade. Scored for String Quartet, piano and optional percussion: Sop, T, Bar, Bs. Also available for solo piano.
• Rehearsal Recording available
• MIDI and live Recording available

Adam & Eve
(2008) 23 minutes
Two patients in a mental hospital are convinved they are Adam and Eve; they obsess over an apple and think their doctor is Satan. Written in collaboration with librettist Quincy Long as 2007/2008 Resident Artist in the American Lyric Theater’s Composer Librettist Development Program and mentored by Mark Adamo. Workshop performance January 7, 2008 at the Leonard Nimoy Thalia Symphony Space.
Scored for piano and three soloists: Sop, T, Bs or Bs Barr
• Recording available

The Inferno of Dante: Canto V (2002) 18 minutes
A one act operatic setting of the Fifth Canto from Dante’s masterpiece with English translation by John Ciardi (used with permission). Performed with orchestra and cast May 7, 2003 by New York City Opera during the VOX 2003: Showcasing American Composers. Scored for orchestra, two lead male roles, speaker and seven soloists; optional SATB chorus: T, Bar, Speaker, (soloists) 2Sop, 2Mz, T, Bar, B, [SATB chorus]. Pic(afl), 2fl, 2ob, eh, 2cl, Bcl (Eb cl), 2Bn, Cbn, 4hn, 3tr (pic), 2tbn, Btbn, 2 perc, timp, pn, hp, [mandolin], strings.
Recording available - only by appointment with the composer.
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Figaro’s Last Hangover (2001) 10 minutes
A dark, operatic comedy that combines love, betrayal, beer and an intergalactic rock on a crash course with earth. Libretto by Patrick Soluri. First performed January 17, 2002 at the University of Louisville in Louisville, KY. Performed at Weill-Carnegie Hall on October 1st, 2009. Scored for chamber orchestra, three soloists and optional chorus: Sop, T, Bar, [SATB chorus]. Fl (pic), cl, 2hn, 2tr, Btbn, pn, 2 perc, strings. Also available for String Quartet and Piano, or solo piano.
• Recording available
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The Inferno: Excerpts from the Opera for Chorus and Orchestra (2001) 6 minutes
Compiled from the Overture and Dies Irae of the opera Inferno. Performed in concert by the University of Louisville Opera Workshop in October of 2001. The University Symphony Orchestra conducted by Kimcherie Lloyd. Scored for full orchestra with chorus: SATB chorus, 2fl, 2ob (eh), 2cl (Bcl), 2bn, Cbn, 4hn, 2tr, 2tbn, Btbn, tba, timp, perc, strings.
• Recording available

The Inferno: Scene Excerpts from the Opera (2000) 12 minutes
Performed by Manhattan Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra in the Spring of 2000 with conductor Marlon Daniel at the Great Hall of Cooper Union in NYC. Scored for chamber orchestra and four soloists: 2Sop, T, Bbar, Speaker, Fl, 2 ob, 2hn, tr(pic), perc, mandolin, harp, strings.

A Dialogue on Time Upon the New Millennium (1999) 8 minutes
An opera scene commissioned for the finale of the Manhattan School of Music Opera Studies Fall 1999 scenes program A Time Capsule, celebrating time and the new millennium. Libretto by Patrick Soluri. Performed at MSM November 19 & 21, 1999 with conductor Gary Wedow of New York City Opera & the MSM Opera Orchestra. (Performed with scenes from Don Giovani, Romeo et Juliette, Fledermaus, Rosenkavalier, Rake’s Progress and Rappresentatione di Anima, et di Corpo.) Scored for full orchestra with a large cast of soloists doubling as various characters and the chorus: SATB chorus, 2fl(pic), 2ob, 2cl, 2bn, 4hn, 2tr, 2tbn, Btbn, timp, 2 perc, strings.
• Recording available
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Inferno (1999) 60 minutes
Opera in three short acts based on Dante’s masterpiece with an English verse translation/libretto by Allison Ryan. Performed with orchestra and cast at Manhattan School of Music March 19 & 21 1999 and produced by Patrick Soluri. Scored for full orchestra, optional chorus, speaker and nine soloists: T, Bbar, Speaker, (soloists) 2Sop, 2Mz, T, Bar, B, [SATB chorus]. Fl (pic), ob (eh), 2cl (Bcl), 2bn (Cbn), 2hn, tr, Btbn, tba, timp, perc, [mandolin], strings.
• Recording available
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