Film & TV Music

Mr. Soluri's love of storytelling in music is a powerful tool in writing for the screen. He has composed numerous scores for film & TV projects, as well as worked as an orchestrator and arranger. His ballet and orchestral music has also be licensed frequently, with hundreds of cues in various film/tv music production libraries (SONY/ATV, ReelTracks, and ScoreKeepers), and featured worldwide on various TV shows and networks, such as TLC, LOGO and DISCOVERY - on hit shows NBC's "World of Adventure Sports" and "America's Got Talent." Other projects include a film trailer that showed on 19,000 film screens in the US; orchestrating and arranging for the EMMY AWARD winning WONDERPETS; and orchestrating and arranging for Sean Lennon on the film score for ALTER EGOS

HOSTIL-TAKEVOER screenshot-sm.jpg

HOSTILE TAKEOVER (2018 ) composer & music producer
Mr. Soluri recently finished an orchestral score for this 40 min dramatic short film / pilot for film maker and noted cameraman,  Joe Ritter.  Details TBA

NCM trailer screenshot.png

NCM Film trailer (2013)  composer & music producer
A film trailer for NCM, who sells advertising at cinemas around the country, with original music composed & produced by PATRICK SOLURI. The trailer aired at all AMC, Regal, and Cinemark theaters in 49 states on 19,000 screens and was directed by JAMES STERLING.


Sing It Laurie  (2013) arranger & orchestrator
Mr. Soluri arranged and orchestrated several episodes of the first season of the children's TV show, SING IT LAURIE, produced by Little Airplane (same production company of the Emmy winning WONDERPETS). 



(2012) composer & music producer
Mr. Soluri scored & produced original music for this trailer for director and noted cinematographer, Anthony Savini, which was also used in a Kickstarter campaign which successfully raised over $195k!

CONFINED - screenshot-sm.jpg

CONFINED (2010) composer & music producer
Original score composed & produced by Patrick Soluri for this independent short film by writer/director Tomax Aponte. It screened at various film festivals.
(genre: horror / psychological thriller)  


THE WONDER PETS (2008) orchestrator & MIDI Synthesist
For the third season of the Emmy winning children's TV show THE WONDERPETS, Patrick Soluri was brought onboard to orchestrate several episodes for noted composers such as Larry Hochman (Book of Mormon), Martin Erskine, and Michael John LaChiusa. 

These episodes were recorded by a live chamber orchestra, and supplemented by MIDI realizations created by Patrick. Episodes aired starting April 2009.

click Episode links to watch: 

The show won the 2008 & 2009 Daytime Emmy for Best Music Direction & Composition and the 3rd season was nominated for a total of four 2009 Daytime Emmy's. Patrick received an official Certificate of Recognition as part of the 2009 Emmy winning team from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for his work as an Orchestrator and MIDI Synthesist.


An award winning independent short film by writer/director Keno Ryder with a score by Patrick Soluri. It the film festival circuit and screend at 15+ festivals!


Composed & Produced almost 200 tracks for the SONY / ATV Music Library for film & TV , spaning multiple genres. Contact us for work samples. 

Much of Mr Soluri’s orchestral and ballet music has been placed in non-exclusive Film & TV music libraries, with tracks licensed to various shows on TLC, LOGO and DISCOVERY HEALTH in the US, UK and Canada, as well as on the hit shows NBC's "World of Adventure Sports" and "America's Got Talent."


Mr. Soluri scored the independent feature film "Dead Serious." ( action-horror-comedy). Part of the film takes place in a dance club, so in addition to more traditional dramatic orchestral underscore, he also composed numerous dance club tracks as well as several driving hard rock/electronic tracks for action sequences. The entire soundtrack consists of over 50 minutes of original music. In addition to scoring the film Mr. Soluri also did the sound design and sound effects. The film has already been accepted at several film festivals around the country including the Hollywood Film Festival. 


In the summer of 2000 Mr. Soluri was selected to participate in the prestigious ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop in LA. This workshop is an intensive month-long program featuring prestigious guest speakers from the highest levels of the film and television music industry. It concludes with a final project of scoring a scene (from an already released Hollywood film) and conducting and recording it on the Newmann Scoring Stage on the 20th Century Fox Studio lot with an "A list" Hollywood orchestra contracted by Sandy DeCrescent.

Wild, Wild, West (2000) 
The final project from the ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop was to compose original music for a pre-existing Hollywood movie. Mr Soluri was assigned “Wild Wild West,” which he then recorded & conducted at the Newmann Scoring Stage in Hollywood, CA with an A-list Hollywood orchestra. Scored for orchestra: 2 fl (pic), ob, cl, bn, 3hn, pic tr, tr, tbn, Btbn, tb, timp, 2 perc, hp, strings.