[Film Trailer]
DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: A DOCUMENTARY (2012) composer & music producer
Mr. Soluri scored & produced original music for this trailer for director and noted cinematographer, Anthony Savini, which was also used in a Kickstarter campaign which successfully raised over $195k!  


[Film Trailer]
NCM FILM TRAILER (2013) composer & music producer
A film trailer for NCM (who sells advertising at cinemas around the country) with original music composed & produced by PATRICK SOLURI. The trailer aired at all AMC, Regal, and Cinemark theaters in 49 states on 19,000 screens and was directed by JAMES STERLING.


[Film Excerpt]
CONFINED (2010) composer & music producer
Patrick Soluri composed the original score for this independent short film by writer/director Tomax Aponte. It screened at various film festivals.(genre: horror / psychological thriller)